March 17, 2023:

Can Smart Home Technology Increase Your Home Value?

Smart Home technology has taken the world by storm, and many people are turning to it to make their life at home more efficient, affordable and enjoyable. 

If you are thinking about selling…would implementing Smart Home Technology increase your home’s value? We’ll take a look at the benefits of adding Smart Home Tech to your home and whether it is a worthwhile investment to add to your home reno list! 

Smart Home Technology is in Demand!

According to Master Appraisal Services, 71% of Americans surveyed said that they were looking for a move-in ready home. This is becoming increasingly more important as home prices continue to increase in Southwest Florida, leaving some buyers strapped for cash. Not only that but millennials and parents with children have expressed a preference for homes with Smart Home Technology systems implemented. 

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

There are several benefits to Smart Home Technology that homeowners enjoy. 


Implementing Smart Home Technology is more efficient and user-friendly. They can make day-to-day activities such as climate control, security and appliance operation much easier and more efficient. This feature was once a luxury but is now much more accessible and is gradually becoming more valuable as people become busier and place a higher value on how they spend their free time at home. 


There are many instances where Smart Home Technology can help users become more energy efficient, which can lower their monthly bills. In addition, these systems are gradually becoming more affordable and accessible to implement. 


Most Smart Home tech companies provide training and education so homeowners can make the most out of their Smart Home experience. It takes the complexities of homeownership from security systems to appliance maintenance and makes them much more user-friendly and convenient. In many instances, you can manage the daily operations of your home all from one location.

Remote Access

There is nothing worse than forgetting something at home. Now that people have started traveling again and are venturing out of the home, having that peace of mind that you can make adjustments to your home when you are not there is invaluable. 

Home Insurance

Depending on your home insurance provider, implementing Smart Home technology can result in getting a discount on your home insurance. This is particularly true for home security systems. Depending on your provider, you could get anywhere from 5% to up to 13% in savings! This could lead to hundreds in savings annually. Be sure to speak with your provider or insurance broker, as some companies will even get you a discount on the tech purchase itself.  

Stock Photo-Smart Home Technology

Does Smart Home Technology Add More Value to Your Home?

Appraisers have stated that, yes, Smart Home Technology can give your home an edge over homes with similar value that are considered tech-deficient. If you have been contemplating upgrading your home to appeal to more buyers, this may be something you want to consider. In the meantime, you can also enjoy all of the features of Smart Home Technology! 

Here are a few different types of tech you can implement to catch buyers’ attention!

  • Smart Home Security Systems

  • Smart Thermostats and Temperature Control

  • Smart Home Appliances: Fridges, Laundry Machines, and Ovens

  • Smart Home landscape systems (sprinklers or irrigation)

  • Smart plugs and lights

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