February 1, 2023:

Guaranteed Offer on Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

When the market and economic environment is full of uncertainty, you deserve peace of mind when it comes to selling your greatest asset, your home. 

Introducing Faris Team’s Guaranteed Offer! You have options, and we are here to help you! 

What is a Guaranteed Offer?

If you want to skip the shows and sell your home in a way that is completely stress-free, you can opt for Faris Team’s Guaranteed Offer Program and have your home sold within 48 hours. 

Even in the best market conditions, sellers often have their hands full packing and decluttering, making arrangements for children, pets and employers to have your home available for showings, keeping the home clean while it’s on the market, and so much more. 

Our Real Estate Team always goes full out® to ensure that your home is expertly marketed with Complimentary Professional Staging, Professional Photography and Videography and a proven system of exceptional digital marketing to get your home in front of as many buyers as possible so you can achieve top selling price for your home. 

But if you’re thinking, “I wish I could skip the whole thing and sell my home firm as soon as possible,” a Guaranteed Offer is the way to go! 

How Will A Guaranteed Offer Benefit Southwest Florida Sellers?

No Home Renos or Staging

If you need to move in a hurry, participating in Faris Team’s Guaranteed Offer will ensure that you don’t need to worry about getting your home staged, cleaned or renovated for showings because you won’t need a showing! You are essentially hitting the “EASY” button on your home sale because an offer is Guaranteed. 

No Showings

If you have sold your home before, you know that showings can be an inconvenience, mainly if your home is on the market for a longer period of time. When your home is on the market, everything needs to be ready at a moment’s notice: arrangements must be made for children, pets, work, etc., so you can vacate your home while people come to view it. 

We also understand all of the stress that comes with strangers entering your home without your supervision. It’s a very necessary part of the home selling process since it allows buyers to see the home and envision themselves living there before purchasing, but it can be uncomfortable for sellers. 

Eliminates the Risk of Owning Two Homes

If you have recently purchased, hoping you would sell your home before closing day, you may be feeling the crunch and worried that you would end up with two homes at the same time. Unfortunately, one of the biggest market trends at the moment is that homes are staying on the market much longer while home sales have decreased in many areas in Southwest Florida. A guaranteed offer will ensure that your home is sold and you are off the hook for that property. 

You Are Empowered to Choose Your Own Closing Date

Part of signing a sales agreement includes negotiating a fair closing date that both the buyer and seller agree on. If you have a particular day when you must close your home, choosing our Guaranteed Offer will guarantee that you can make that particular closing day because the choice is yours! 

Offer Within 48 Hours

This one is the most significant advantage of choosing a Guaranteed Offer. With this service, you will have a cash offer on your home within 48 hours. If you take a look at the monthly market stats on our website, you will notice most areas in Southwest Florida have homes on the market from 25 to as many as 60 days on average before selling firm. So if you want to get your home sold quickly, this is the best way to do so. 

How To Get Started?

If this sounds like the best option for your Real Estate goals, click HERE to get started and check out our Guaranteed Offer page if you have a few more questions. 

We’re here to make your experience stress-free.

Call us today at 1-239-241-5646, send us an email or get a free home evaluation.

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