February 13, 2023:

Moving to a New Neighborhood? Here are 5 Things to Consider!

Most people looking for a new home are planning to move outside of their current neighborhood, but it might seem overwhelming, particularly if you don't know what you're looking for. Not only are you looking for your next new home, but you're also looking for a new lifestyle. Each neighborhood has its own quirks, challenges and benefits. But how do you know which one is best for you? 

A big part of buyer's remorse goes beyond wishing you purchased a bigger kitchen. Often what people regret most is choosing a different neighborhood, street or city altogether. 

If you are unsure what to look for when moving to a new area, we have a list of 5 important factors to consider.  


This one may seem obvious, but hear us out. Everyone has heard the phrase "Location, Location, Location" when it comes to Real Estate, but this goes much deeper than you think. 

Consider how far or close it is from staple locations in your day-to-day life. Is this new neighborhood close to your workplace if you commute? Or perhaps it is closer to work but further from friends and family? 

Ultimately, this will be up to you to decide. There are a few ways to test whether or not this neighborhood is in the ideal location for your lifestyle. The best way to test if this neighborhood will be ideal for your daily life is to drive your common routes. If commuting is a huge part of your lifestyle, you may want to do a test drive at rush hour to give yourself an idea of how your commute will go. It may geographically be close, but the traffic could make everything take much longer. You will never know unless you test it out!


If you are moving to a location that is very far from where you currently live, check out the forecast for your new prospective neighborhood. You can even ask the barista at the local coffee shop for some first-hand insight into the typical weather patterns. Many people move to Southwest Florida for the beautiful weather, but if you despise sunshine and warm weather, it may not be for you! 

Cost of Living

Some people find that living slightly further from larger cities will ultimately save them money since the cost of living tends to be cheaper overall. It's always a delicate balance between the cost of living and location. 

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Check Out What Will Be Around You

Do a bit of research on the neighborhood before you move there to get a feel for the local amenities, school systems, restaurants, shopping centers and hospitals. Make sure that the amenities align with not only your needs but also your goals and hobbies, and lifestyle. For example, look into local hospitals, family doctors, gyms, daycares or veterinarians. Also, consider hobbies that bring you the most joy, and find out if those hobbies are accessible in this new neighborhood. This will ultimately ensure you get the most out of your new home in your new location. 

The Local Housing Market

Lastly, understanding your neighborhood's current housing market will ensure that you find a home you love at a price you can afford but that your home will still have value in 5 years should you choose to move again. You can find this out by working with a Professional, Loving, Local Realtor® with local market expertise to help you make the best decision for your new home. 

Your Best Real Estate Experience!

Avoid buyer's remorse by working with an expert Real Estate Team who are experts in your local markets! Our mission at Faris Team is to go full out® for our clients and provide the Best Real Estate Experience in the world. This includes helping you find the best home for your budget and lifestyle in a neighborhood with everything you need. 

If you want to explore some of the fantastic neighborhoods in Southwest Florida, check out our Communities Page! We also have some dedicated blog posts available for several areas in Southwest Florida for you to explore and help make the best decision for you. 

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