March 8, 2023:

Swimming Pools That Add Value to Your Southwest Florida Home

Swimming pools have been making a splash in Real Estate since their invention. It's the perfect way to cool off in the summer and a step toward creating your own personal backyard oasis. In Southwest Florida, having a pool can add so much value to your daily life. Unlike areas in the United States with variable weather, Florida experiences incredible weather year-round. 

If you plan to sell your home, does adding a swimming pool increase your home's value? This is something potential sellers often ask us. Put simply, yes, it can increase your Southwest Florida home's overall value, as long as it is done correctly and you weigh the cost versus your home's value before your pool is added.

We'll go over the types of pools that add the most value to your home, along with tips to ensure that once you add the pool, due diligence is taken to ensure you get the most value out of your backyard oasis.

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Why Do Swimming Pools Add Value to Your Southwest Florida Home?

If you have been wondering why swimming pools attract home buyers in Southwest Florida, there are several reasons. The first is that swimming pools add the luxury feel buyers are looking for. Buyers are looking to purchase what is likely their greatest asset, so having a pool is something memorable and exciting for them to look forward to. 

In addition, swimming pools are idyllic in the Southwest Florida climate. Most buyers are not simply looking for a house. They are purchasing the life that comes with the house. If buyers want to relocate to Florida, having a pool fits perfectly with the lifestyle they dream of. If the buyers are investors, they are likely hoping to maximize the value of their purchase, particularly if they are setting the home up as an Airbnb or vacation home. 

Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools

There are three common types of in-ground swimming pools:

Concrete Pools: Concrete swimming pools are popular in places like Southwest Florida because they are easily customizable with endless sizes, depths and features to design to your heart's content. Concrete is typically avoided in areas that experience cold winters as the concrete might crack in frigid weather, but this is not a concern in Florida. Concrete pools tend to come at a slightly higher price tag on average than the other options both for installation and maintenance. Still, many people consider that extra bit of luxury design potential well worth it!

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Vinyl-Lined Pools: Vinyl-lined pools tend to be the most common type of pool primarily because ithas a lower installation cost. With that said, the liners will eventually need to be replaced over time, so there may be more long-term maintenance costs if you choose this type of pool. 

Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools have recently risen in popularity in Florida in recent years due to recent technological developments and innovation. This type of pool offers similar flexibility to a concrete swimming pool. It requires less maintenance on average than the other two types of pools, resulting in lower maintenance costs over time. Working with a good manufacturer ensures you get a high-quality pool that will stand the test of time. 

How to Ensure That Your Swimming Pool Adds Value to Your Home

As much as pools can be a luxurious value-adding feature to your property, they can hinder your home sale if neglected or set up poorly. Sellers should keep the following in mind:


While Southwest Floridians can enjoy their pool year-round, it also means that it will require year-round maintenance. If your pool isn't clean and well-maintained, this can be a turn-off for some buyers, particularly if they are first-time buyers or inexperienced pool owners. Therefore, when listing the property, you want to ensure that your pool is well-maintained and looking its best.

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Size and Yard Space

When it comes to choosing the size of your pool, some considerations should go into how much space your pool will occupy in your backyard. While a pool is a fantastic feature, most buyers do not want to lose their entire backyard to a swimming pool, particularly if they have children or animals. Therefore, if additional space is in your backyard, do your best to ensure the leftover space is usable and functional. 


Doing some additional landscaping will elevate your outdoor space. This will add that WOW factor for buyers looking for the full Southwest Florida backyard experience. Consider function, aesthetics, and safety when setting up your pool; potential buyers will be thrilled! 

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Working With an Expert Real Estate Team

You could have the biggest pool on the block, but if you don't capture it with exceptional photography and professional home staging, you could be missing out on home value. How you market your home will greatly contribute to your overall home value and even how long your home spends on the market. Choose a Real Estate team that is local to Southwest Florida and has a proven system of success with a strong marketing strategy, including Professional Photos and Videos, Complimentary Home Staging and a digital marketing plan to attract serious buyers to your home. 

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