October 19, 2022:

The Best Value-Packed Renovations To Sell Your Southwest Florida Home

Whether you have just purchased a new home in Southwest Florida or are preparing to sell your home soon, you may wonder which renovations would add the most value to your sale price. We’ve compiled a list of the top 6 upgrades and renovations that will add value to your home in Southwest Florida. 


Buyers today are looking for homes with functionality, so keep this in mind if you are thinking of doing some renovations on your Southwest Florida home. Buyers have become much savvier in recent years, and many understand that the average homeowner uses less than half of their entire property, so they want to make every room count. Renovating for functionality means ensuring each room has a purpose and can be repurposed for different uses. The home layout should be logical and purposeful, including plenty of storage space and rooms that could be multi-purposeful. 

Add Outdoor Cooking Space

Most people purchasing a home in Southwest Florida are coming to take full advantage of the unbeatable weather. Spending time outdoors, including cooking and entertaining, is at the top of mind for most homebuyers, especially if they are moving to Florida to escape the colder climate of our northern neighbors. This is why any upgrades or renovations that include a functional outdoor cooking and entertaining space will add value to your home. This could include installing a new back patio, adding a gas line for barbecues or adding exterior lighting so the entertaining can last into the evening. 

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is often the biggest selling feature for many homes, so if you plan renovations ahead of a home sale, giving the kitchen, an upgrade will always be worthwhile. There are a few particular features that are especially important for peeking into buyers’ interests, which may result in higher home values:

  • Countertops:

    Adding new countertops can completely transform your kitchen’s appearance. 

  • Cabinets: 

    Kitchen cabinets often occupy a good amount of wall space, making them heavily featured in home sale ads. Having updated cabinets will ensure that your kitchen is a scroll stopper online.

  • Appliances:

    Updating your major kitchen appliances is another great selling feature in a home because it removes the uncertainty from buyers that they may need to get new appliances. 

  • Flooring:

    Last, updating the kitchen floors is always a great idea, especially if the old flooring is dated, has become scratched or worn, etc. Adding new flooring will ensure that the kitchen has a fresh look, adding more value to your home. 

Bathroom Upgrades

Like the kitchen, most buyers will look at the bathrooms when deciding whether to buy a home. This means that bathroom renovations will always be a worthwhile investment in increasing your home’s value. 

When it comes to bathrooms, cleanliness is paramount. Even if your bathroom is kept clean, any worn, scratched or stains spots in your bathroom could give the impression that the bathroom is not clean, so that is the best place to start. Upgrading the toilet, tiles, bathtub, or shower is always a great selling feature that will add value to your home.

Make Your Home More Weatherproof

The past decade has seen several major hurricanes hit the Florida coast, so people are rightly more concerned about safety when choosing their next home. If your renovations include weatherproof features, such as durable windows and doors, your home’s value will increase because it gives buyers added peace of mind. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

This one may seem like a small project, but it makes a big difference. A fresh coat of paint will give your home an instantly updated look on a modest budget. Most of the time, buyers will want to paint the home their own colors, but an accumulation of scuffs, stains or imperfections on the walls may give buyers the wrong impression. You can take it a step further and paint your baseboard, crown molding and door casings, which will give the entire home a refreshing boost before selling. 

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