November 7, 2022:

When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home in Florida?

Have you been thinking about moving to Florida to enjoy the pristine white, sandy beaches and cool ocean breezes and trading in that snowy, miserable work commute for a laid-back and adventurous lifestyle? If so, you may be wondering when is the best time of year to make your move, dive in and invest in some Real Estate down south. It can be tricky to time out the market just right, particularly with the traditionally busy Real Estate season coming to an end. 

Here's a hint: the best time to buy a home in Florida is NOW

Here's Why Right Now is the Best Time to Invest in Florida

If you are looking to invest in Florida, the sooner you make a move, the better. Looking back at the market trends for 2022, the average sale price is on the rise in Southwest Florida, especially for areas like Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Estero and Naples are seeing a very steady increase in home value year-over-year. So if you invest in a home in Florida today, you can expect to see more gains in value as the years pass. This is especially true as more remote work opportunities are causing people to re-evaluate their living situation, and they can more comfortably move to a beautiful place like Florida while maintaining their current job. Not only that, but as Southwest Florida approaches their busy season, buyers will have a bit more negotiation power. 

Here's Why Right Now is the Best Time to Move to Florida

If you want to pack up permanently and move to Florida, now is a fantastic time to do so. The market in Southwest Florida shifted to a more balanced market, giving most buyers more negotiation power in terms of conditions. In addition, many buyers have become hesitant to move due to the economy, creating less competition for those ready to move and achieve their Real Estate goals. 

When it comes to selling your current home and moving to a new location, the right time to buy is when the right home comes on the market. You spend so much time in your home, so waiting to time the market conditions could mean putting off plans for years and still waiting for the perfect time. What is even more important than deciding if the market conditions are the best timing is reflecting on what you want to make the move in the first place. Buying a home that fits your needs and your goals will always be a great investment. 

Real Estate Market Seasonality

It can be difficult to imagine winter in Florida as the busy season, especially if you don't already live there, but the market in Florida is quite different from the Northern United States or even Canada. Most people who are looking to invest in Florida or pack up and move there precisely for the warmer winters and unbeatable weather. Florida's Real Estate market will typically pick up beginning in early January after the holiday season and continuing into the spring. This is when most people are fatigued after a few months of winter weather and will start to explore their options down south. This is precisely why November and December are a great way to start your buying journey in Florida, as you will get a head start on the busier season and be ready to purchase the most ideal home for you and your family. 

Moving to the US

If you have been considering moving to Florida but feel overwhelmed by the thought of moving to a new country, you've come to the right place. Faris Team has Professional, Loving, Local Realtors® on both sides of the border that are happy to help make your dream of moving to Florida a reality. As part of our mission to create the Best End-to-End, Stress-Free Real Estate Experience in the world, we will help you through every step of the way to ensure that the transition is seamless and you purchase your ideal property in Southwest Florida.

We are also thrilled to announce a free upcoming webinar hosted by Dawn Wheldon, our Managing Broker of Faris Team Real Estate, Southwest Florida. Learn from our Cross-Border Team of Local, Loving, Realtors® with a combined 30 years of experience on buying a property in the United States. Our Team of Certified International Property Specialists will walk you through common concerns, fears, and mistakes and will be available for a live Q&A. 

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