June 15, 2023:

When is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home in Southwest Florida?

There is a wealth of information available regarding the optimal timing for buying, selling, or both in the real estate market.

You may have come across suggestions like, "Sell during the winter! It's Southwest Florida's busy season," or "Sell in the summer; there's less competition!"

However, it's important to understand that there isn't a one-size-fits-all season that guarantees a quick sale or slows down the sale of your home. While seasonality can offer advantages in certain areas and present challenges in others, the key to a successful home sale lies in having a strong marketing plan and the assistance of the right Realtor® throughout the process.

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Looking back over the market data from 2018 to the present, there are two clear months of the year that see a noticeable uptick in New Listings hit the market in Southwest Florida. Looking at all major markets across Southwest Florida specifically, March and October both saw an increase in new listings compared to other months. In some years, this may extend into November or April or start to creep up in February or September, but the clear trend shows a similar uptick in the spring as in the fall.  

The increase in new listings correlates with when home sales tend to occur. With the exception of a few outliers, home sales will increase around April and again in the early winter months. If you are familiar with Southwest Florida, this is typically known as the busier season. The spring market picks up across North America since most people tend to feel more energized and ready to make moves. At the same time, Southwest Florida is fairly unique in that the market revitalizes in the early winter. This often occurs when buyers living considerably north in the United States and Canada get their first taste of winter and are ready to spend the colder seasons in sunny, beautiful Florida.   

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How to See Results During Seasons with More Competition 

Don’t let the high competition deter you from selling your home. With the right team and strategy, your home will stand out from the competition, ultimately attracting more serious buyers and resulting in a successful sale.  

Your Home Needs Exceptional Marketing to Stand Out 


Your home can stand out among the competition with the help of Exceptional Marketing. This will include having your home staged for buyers by Professional Home Stagers, beautiful photography and videography of your home so it will stand out online, beautiful signage to appeal to passersby, and strategic digital and social media marketing to land your beautiful home in the eyes of the right buyers.  

A Strong Marketing Plan 

Speaking of digital marketing, working with a team with a strong marketing plan will ultimately contribute to your Best Real Estate Experience. Even though these are considered the busier season, this doesn’t guarantee that your home will sell without a strong game plan. Work with a Realtor® that has a proven system of success for marketing your home.  

Local Experts to Navigate Your Market 

Working with a local team is a huge advantage when selling your home in a season or area with high competition. This is because local Realtors® understand exactly which pricing and negotiating strategies will work best in your local market, down to the street your home is on. Not only that, but they have a thorough understanding of your home, your neighborhood and your region’s best-selling features to attract the right buyers.  


Although there are exceptions, the months of July and August usually see a decrease in new property listings in the Southwest Florida area, with the off-season extending from June to September in some cases. However, it is not necessarily a bad time to sell your home in this region during the slower season. 

How to See Results During Quieter Seasons  

With the right team by your side, you can still get the best value for your home, even during what is traditionally known as the quieter seasons. Here are some ways to position your home sale for success during these months.   

A Strong Marketing Plan (Including International Reach)  

A strong marketing plan that accounts for the market conditions will still result in a successful sale for Southwest Florida sellers. This marketing plan should also include international reach. While fewer Southwest Floridians are spending those balmy summer days house hunting, many Canadians and other snowbirds are looking ahead to the winter and starting their search for a home that they can close on before the snow begins to fall. Working with a Realtor® who has a network of international buyers and specializes in relocating will increase the interest in your Southwest Florida home.   

Local Expert Who Can Navigate Your Market 


Not only should your team have a substantial international reach, but having a deep understanding of your local market will help you navigate your home sale in the best way possible. This includes looking at the big picture of Southwest Florida, your local market region, and even down to your local neighborhood. Your local Realtor® will know your home’s best-selling features, the neighborhood, city or town, and region. This is important since buyers are not just buying a home but the lifestyle that goes along with living in your home.   

Exceptional Marketing  

Even though there is less competition during the quieter season, showcasing your home in the best light possible with exceptional marketing is still essential. This includes professional home staging, flawless professional photography and videography, and a digital and local marketing plan to reach serious buyers.   


When you work with Faris Team, you are working with a team of Professional, Loving, Local Realtors® who are dedicated to providing your Best Real Estate Experience, Guaranteed, regardless of which time of year you choose to sell your home. Our team has delivered over 11,000 Best Real Estate Experiences with our proven system of success and successfully sold homes in Southwest Florida year-round with our Exceptional Marketing.  

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