July 19, 2022:

Why Exceptional Marketing Is More Important Than Ever In This Real Estate Market

2022 has brought with it a lot of changes in the Real Estate market in Florida. We are slowly shifting from a notable Sellers’ Market toward more of a Balanced Market, giving more power to buyers.

How much does Excellent Marketing factor into selling your home faster and for more value?

It is more important than ever before!

The fact of the matter is when it comes to selling a home in any market, you only get one chance at making that memorable first impression for home buyers.

Choosing a reputable Real Estate Team that does not cut corners when it comes to marketing ensures that your greatest asset will sell for top value. Here are just a few reasons why exceptional marketing matters in the 2022 Real Estate Market:

Your Home Will Reach More Buyers

If your home is marketed with excellence by a team of marketing experts, your home reaches a wider network of buyers. In 2022, digital marketing is more important than ever before. Before a buyer comes to view your home, they have likely seen it first online. Choosing a Real Estate team with a strong online presence will ensure that your home is presented to millions of serious buyers who are actively looking to purchase a home.

The way in which buyers browse for homes online is also changing, so in addition to having your home listed on traditional online channels, having your home strategically marketed on social media platforms will reach an expansive number of eager buyers.  Regardless of which online platform a buyer might see your home, excellent marketing will ensure that it stands out above all others.  

Your Home Will Make A Lasting Impression

There is no denying it. Buying a home is as emotional as selling one. Exceptional marketing ensures that nothing will interfere with the buyer’s ability to connect with your home. From high quality staging to professional photos and videos, to Premium, State-of-the-Art Feature Books. You want to make sure that your home will be the one that not only stands out to buyers, but really leaves that lasting impression. Most buyers make their decisions based on the emotional connection that they feel when viewing a home. Exceptional marketing will ensure that your home looks its best and will allow buyers to really fall in love with your home.

You Will Get More Value For Your Home

The truth is, if your home is marketed with excellence, it will immediately translate to getting more value for your home. In most cases as sellers, once your home is sold you will begin to search for your next home to move into. Getting the most value for your home ensures that you are also in a better position to then purchase a new home.

Mark Faris, CEO and Broker of Faris Team Real Estate says it best:

“You’ll never know if you could have sold your home for more money, if it wasn’t marketed properly”

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